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Experts in Strategic
Tracking Studies

We are recognized for our expertise in strategic brand tracking, having conducted over 500 studies, including monthly, biannual, and annual waves



We conduct research to support all phases of the product lifecycle and uniquely positioned to provide integrated qualitative and quantitative as well as primary research and secondary data solutions to better understand market behavior

Strategic Value

Our team delivers insightful, presentation-ready reports including succinct Executive Summary with infographics, and integration of prior/ concurrent research findings for added-value

Our partnership approach enhances collaboration by offering on-site support, attending internal meetings with client team, agencies, and research partners


Quality Standards

We implement quality control measure at each
step of the research process to ensure accurate deliverables

Normative Database

VPMR has the ability to leverage our normative

database to enhance study findings and add insights into key brand metrics

Senior Staff

VPMR team consists of all senior-level research

managers, each with 15+ years of industry experience

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